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Save Time for your Team and Clients with Video Documentation


I’ve discovered a game-changer and I'm now completely obsessed. We started making video documentation with Loom and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

“The instructions are so clear!” “I love the narrated directions and seeing your face while you explain!” “This saves us Zoom meetings and loads of PDF documents with screenshots!” “Anyone can learn from your videos!”

These are commonplace reactions to the training videos we’ve produced with Loom over the past few months.

Here’s how it works: Turn on recording with Loom and narrate as you perform a task. Loom records the screen, mouse movements, even highlighting where you click. Video is recorded and shows in a circle in the corner of the recorded screen, and your voice is record and transcribed for accessibility and subtitles.

Like many modern platforms, Loom incorporates AI to take it a step further—it generates an automatic title and summary of the video and creates chapter markings based on the transitions in your narration. Loom even creates AI-generated Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), step-by-step instructions, and suggests follow-up tasks for viewers to try on their own.

By default, Loom videos can be accessed with a shared link, or a link to a library curated for your audience. Viewer reactions and comments can be enabled or disabled by the creator. The videos can also be downloaded for offline viewing and posterity, ensuring that you don’t need to pay Loom in perpetuity to host your videos.

We’ve leveraged Loom for the following use cases, but I have a feeling we’ve barely scratched the surface:

  • Instructions to end users on how to install VPN software and connect to remote systems
  • Quick videos on how to fix common problems
  • Recording “howto” videos for clients when we can’t reach them by phone—instead of playing phone tag, our Help Desk staff records a quick video suggesting things the user can try on their own
  • Internal training videos on how we use our technology systems
  • “Broadcasts” to staff to share important updates from the executive team
  • Documenting best practices for our workflows using real live data. Sometimes I just narrate my own review and audit processes and Loom turns this into a SOP that we document in OneNote with a link to the Loom walkthrough

The possibilities are potentially endless, and I think the cost pays for itself in the time saved by eliminating useless meetings (where people may forget the content anyway), missed calls, back-and-forth, and hours of manual document creation. Loom for Business is currently priced at $12.50 per creator per month, which I consider a no-brainer investment for someone tasked with documenting processes and procedures or working with end users.

Care to learn more? Indevtech can help you get started with Loom video documentation and we will happily share our best practices and lessons learned with you.



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