We don't sell technology.

We don't sell technology.  Through decades of experience, we have developed and cultivated a unique method of providing IT infrastructure that centers on our deep understanding of your business and what drives you to succeed.  Our clients experience dramatically different results as a result of partnering with us, the nature of which is difficult to describe on a website.  If you are hitting a wall with IT and wondering if there is a better way, I encourage you to contact us and see if Indevtech can be of service to you.

From the desk of Scott Cooley, President of Indevtech Incorporated

Dear Business Owner,

Hello. My name is Scott Cooley, President of Indevtech Incorporated.  We've been serving the Honolulu area since 2001.

I've been doing this for a while.  I love my job, because I love helping other small business owners achieve their goals and to watch them succeed.  I know what it's like to own a small business and, as many of us have, I've worked in every department of the company and have worn every hat there is.  I know what it feels like to succeed, and what it feels like to fail, and what it feels like on the days in between.

I am given an opportunity each day to help my clients get closer to their goals--operational goals, financial goals, personal goals, family goals, life goals--by leveraging the unique talents of my team in order to provide an unshakable IT foundation on which my clients can build a successful business.

Throughout my many years in IT support, I always noticed a disconnect between the goals of the technology vendor (to sell technology) and the goals of the business owner (to succeed in their business). Not often did a technology vendor approach a client and say "How can my product best serve you?" Most often they said "Buy my product."

Over two decades, I have built a personal philosophy and a business model on the premise that business owners want to work on their business, not in their business, and that technology should support the business and make it profitable, rather than hinder it and cost it money.

Further, I personally believe that IT is an investment, not an expense.  If I am doing my job right, your IT investment should be making you more profitable, not detracting from your bottom line.  I have heard business owners argue "We're concerned with the bottom line!" but I reason, the bottom line is comprised of income minus expenses!  Many technology companies cut corners to sell a cheaper product in order to decrease expenses, and in my mind, everybody loses when that happens.  I like to focus on increasing the bottom line by increasing the top line, by helping our clients become more profitable.  Your success becomes our success, and everybody wins.

But monetary gains are just a side effect of improved IT process and efficiency.  Yes, I believe our customers are more profitable as a result of the solid foundation we provide, but it's not the goal unto itself.  The real joy in this business is seeing the passion in our clients as they achieve their goals, or when they tell me how they can now spend more time with their kids, or that they are no longer losing sleep at night worrying about whether their critical business systems will still be working in the morning.

It's in seeing workers working productively and happily as a result of better process, and in watching our clients' businesses grow, not only in volume and revenue, but in operational maturity and the quality of their work.  And then seeing how our clients' customers ultimately benefit as a result.

These are the intangibles, which are priceless.

There's no secret recipe, other than that we have developed a tested framework for IT, based on consistent application of technology, customized to support each client's core values and business model.  We systematically audit and review each client's environment to ensure alignment with over 100 best practices, each of which have been cultivated, tested, reviewed and revised over the many years we've been doing this.

We are committed to constant growth and improvement, as we assume you are too.  If you're hitting a wall and saying, there must be a better way, I assure you, there is, and I'd be happy to talk to you about it.

Scott Cooley

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